E3 2011: BioWare dodge questions about Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and MMO

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So many rumours are swirling about a potential multiplayer mode to be announced for Mass Effect 3 that they've formed a giant rumour tornado. It's currently sweeping across Los Angeles, leaving a trail of destruction and frantically whispering games journalists in its wake. Truly upsetting to behold.

Not that you'd know from BioWare's doctorly heads, Dr. Greg and Dr. Ray. They're the calm eye at the centre of the rumournado. When one of our Future friends also at E3 asked them if ME3 would be the first game in the series to feature multiplayer, they responded that they had nothing to announce. Nothing to announce at E3 . That, for those of you yet to have your coffee, means that a multiplayer mode could yet be announced in the future. CVG certainly seem to think that's the case anyway, having dug through job ads to find sufficient evidence, and their argument's fairly convincing.

Click through to watch another video where two very powerful men grin meaningful grins.

Failing the inclusion of a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3 - which CVG say might be a 'horde' style, with groups of humans holding off AI enemies - there's always the outside chance of a dedicated multiplayer shooter set in the rich Mass Effect universe. Back before the Spike TV VG awards that showed the game's first trailer, a noisy corner of the internet was adamant that we'd be getting a pseudo-Battlefield with biotic powers. BioWare have refused to rule anything set in the universe out, saying instead that they want to "go where their fans are." This could even mean a Mass Effect MMO in the future: the company's development of the Old Republic mean they've got the know-how, even if their commitment to TOR means they'll be keen not to stand on their own MMO-toes. See the video below for full details, and a complete lack of denial.

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EA certainly have the developers to do what they want with Mass Effect. Imagine a DICE-helmed multiplayer shooter, detailing battles on Virmire, or Reaper-infested Earth? Oh dear, I've gone all tingly. But should the Mass Effect universe be diluted, or kept as a monstrously successful, neatly wrapped-up trio. I'm not sure. What do you guys want?