Dying Light DLC takes a jab at Destiny's Red Bull promotion


Bungie recently announced a new Destiny promotion in partnership with energy drink Red Bull. Basically, if Americans and Canadians purchase and imbibe specially branded Destiny cans, they'll get XP boosts and access to otherwise inaccessible quests. As far as video game marketing campaigns go, it's a boardroom no-brainer: all gamers love energy drinks! They love XP! They love quests! Rah!

Destiny isn't on PC though, so we can't knock back energy drinks in the name of content. So it's lucky Techland has decided to run a similar promotion for Dying Light, which is on PC. As the image above demonstrates, if you take a photo of yourself drinking a glass of water and Tweet it to the official Dying Light Twitter account, you'll eventually get a code for a premium in-game weapon. Seems pretty generous: for most people in the Western world, water is an infinite resource. No sugar crashes either, which is a plus.

Shaun Prescott

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