Dying Light 2: Should you help Matt or Juan?

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Should you help Matt or Juan in Dying Light 2? As you progress through the main story you'll be faced with a bunch of decisions that will change your future. In one such decision, Aiden needs to choose whether he wants to side with underworld fixer, Juan, or continue working alongside the Peacekeepers and Jack Matt. You're basically deciding whom you're siding with, which will have a pretty big impact on the rest of the game. Consider this your only spoiler warning.

Dying Light 2 Juan or Matt: Whom should you help? 

It's worth noting that if you agree to Juan's plan of betraying Matt, you're locked into that choice almost immediately. You can give the resources to a different faction at the end of the quest, but you won't be able to change your mind and ally yourself with Matt. If you plan on siding with Matt you must point-blank refuse Juan's offer at this point.

After refusing the offer, you must make it clear to Matt that you're siding with the Peacekeepers. The story will then continue as normal. If you side with Juan, you'll get a unique mission to track down a contract and secure a bug that you can use to spy on Matt and can use in a later mission. 

Ultimately, neither choice interrupts your actual mission to find your sister and you'll reach a similar conclusion. It's up to you to decide whether you want to be a double agent or not. 

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