Dying Light 2 is getting a new game+ mode this week

Dying Light 2 demolisher
(Image credit: Technland)

Two months after its initial release, Dying Light 2 is getting a new game plus mode in an upcoming patch.

Techland's adding the feature as part of update 1.3.0 which is due to land on April 27. It'll give players the opportunity to gun down zombies and stylishly leap across the environment all over again, this time with any equipment and skills accrued throughout their original playthrough. Nightrunners tools like the grappling hook and paraglider will need to be picked up again, which producer Julia Szynkaruk says is so it doesn't "break the flow of the game."

New game plus should prove a good opportunity to mix up whichever story decisions you made the first time around, catching new glimpses of the story and viewing different outcomes depending on the actions you take. Enemies will scale to your level, ensuring there's still some decent challenge throughout. The patch is also set to squash some pesky bugs related to co-op, including ones that were causing players to get stuck in an infinite death loop.

New parkour challenges are also being added, along with a platinum medal reward for those who've been wallrunning and buttsliding their way to golds every time. 30 new inhibitors will be knocking around to further max out health and stamina, along with new special encounters and a new additional quest.

Chris Livingston gave the game a drop-kicking 84% in his Dying Light 2 review, calling it "an underwhelming story but a massive, exciting sandbox of parkour and kinetic combat." The game shifted 5 million copies in its first month, too. Who knew zombies and parkour would still be trendy after all these years?

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