Dying Light 2 is coming in spring 2020, check out the new E3 trailer

Microsoft served up a new Dying Light 2 trailer at its E3 press event today, revealing a world torn not just by hordes of undead but by the human survivors who have turned on each other with a predatory viciousness. But one man, Aiden Caldwell, isn't having it.  

But Aiden has problems of his own. He's infected—but he also seems to have maintained a tighter grip on his humanity others who have managed to avoid the plague. His "high-flying parkour skills and brutal combat ability make him a valuable asset in this crumbling metropolis," but he's not just a brawler: Through him, players "will make impactful choices that shape the world as they play." That promise of a heightened focus on narrative isn't entirely surprising given that Chris Avellone is working on it

Also of note, since that's what we're actually here for, is a release target. Microsoft has pegged Dying Light 2 for a spring 2020 release. 

Andy Chalk

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