Duelyst is getting singleplayer boss battles

Duelyst found its roots in tactics games like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, so singleplayer content has always been one of my biggest hopes for the free-to-play card game. Now that dream is coming true, as developer Counterplay Games announced today that Duelyst will be getting singleplayer boss battles.

In its 1.79 patch notes, Counterplay said it would be "testing out" the first two bosses over the next few weeks. Each one will be a limited time event—a week long each to start—during which period an AI-controlled boss will be available to fight. Each will have "a unique deck and starting board state," and defeating them will earn you a Spirit Orb (card pack) and a new Boss Crate. The Boss Crates are part of Duelyst's optional crate and key system, and can be opened for $5 within 48 hours of earning them for the following goodies:

  • A Common Chest Key (usually $2)
  • A Gauntlet Ticket (usually 150 gold, or $1.50)
  • Three Shim'zar Spirit Orbs (usually 300 gold, or $6 for four)
  • A random Legendary card

While the first boss won't be available until next Monday, the 1.79 patch is expected to arrive tomorrow and will bring other changes as well. Most notably, the Daily Challenges—single-turn 'lethal puzzles' that would earn you 5 gold and refresh every day—are being put "on a break" as Counterplay looks to "regroup and explore a better vehicle to deliver challenges." Instead of the 5 gold, you'll be able to login each day and get a free random common card. 

Additionally, Counterplay announced it will no longer be adding four new cards each month. While the constant trickle of cards did a nice job of keeping the meta on its toes, the main reasons for this change were an over-inflating Core set and pool of neutral cards, as well as Counterplay's desire to make cards that "make sense as part of a cohesive expansion theme." You'll still earn cards at the end of each season depending on the rank you've achieved, but they won't be new to the game. 

Finally, Counterplay gave a sneak peak at an upcoming mode called Continuous Draft. In it, you start with a basic deck which you upgrade by 'leveling-up' and adding new cards. One of the biggest appeals of this new mode, however, is that you'll be able to add cards of any faction to your deck, the first time this has been possible in Duelyst. It should be an exciting alternative to the current modes in the game, and will surely be full of OP combos not yet discovered.

You can read the full 1.79 patch notes here, and download Duelyst here

Tom Marks
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