Drive a customizable motorcycle around Fallout 4 with this mod

I won't lie: the mod that lets you repair and ride a customizable motorcycle around Fallout 4 is a wee bit janky at the moment, but with a little more work it could easily become indispensable. The Driveable Motorcycle Mod spawns a rusty 'ol hog in the parking lot behind the Museum of Freedom, and after repairing it with screws, adhesive, oil, and a few other odds and ends, you can hop on and take it for a spin.

It's not the most convincing experience, and the camera and animation could use a little more tweaking. Plus, your head might disappear when you get off the bike, which is a bit of a bug (if your head vanishes, just climb back on and off and it should reappear). Still, it's fun, the bike has some nice sound effects, and there's something pretty badass about cruising around the streets of Boston on a motorcycle.

It took a few tries for me to get the mod working. When I installed it with the Nexus Mod Manager the bike never appeared, but manually stuffing the files into the Fallout 4 data folder worked just fine. You also need to add the following lines to your fallout4.ini file:


After that, just fix up the bike, climb on, and start rolling. It comes with a holotape to change settings like riding speed, and you can craft additional equipment like lights and paint at a chemistry station. The bike also shows on your minimap, if you happen to forget where you parked it. Best of all, you can even build a cart for Dogmeat to sit in, and pull him around town with you.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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