Dragon's Dogma and DMC mastermind apologises for E3 absence

On New Year's Eve 2016, game designer Hideaki Itsuno tweeted this to his followers:

Almost immediately, rumours and speculation tied to a new Devil May Cry or Dragon's Dogma game swept the interwebs—both series of which Itsuno has served as director—with many eyeing last week's E3 conference as the prime stage for an announcement. 

Despite E3 2017 delivering a number of new games, announcements and trailers, though, Itsuno's work failed to show its face—prompting the man himself to apologise to prospective players. 

"Sorry to not announce anything at E3," said Itsuno. "Please wait as my project is progressing smoothly."

Some replies ask Itsuno to aim for September's Tokyo Game Show to make his elusive reveal, however the designer remains tight-lipped for now. I've never gotten into the Dragon's Dogma series myself, however I'd bite/slash your hand off for another DMC. 

While we wait for Itsuno's elusive call, however, have a gander at Samuel's interview with the Dragon's Dogma devs on bringing the 2012 RPG to PC. It takes an interesting behind the scenes. 

Thanks, Videogamer