The upcoming Dragon Prince game is 'not a companion piece'

The Dragon Prince is a Netflix animated series set in a fantasy world in which elves and humans stand on the brink of war. It premiered earlier this month and was apparently quite good, holding a 100 percent score across eight reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. It will also, at some point in the future, be made into a Dragon Prince game. 

You might already be aware of this fact: The series has been the focus so far, but the website of production company Wonderstorm says, "We are also developing a deep, engaging videogame from the same world and vision." The creators also referenced the game in an AMA that took place last week. Details about the Dragon Prince game (or anything beyond the fact that it's something the developers want to do) haven't been revealed, but co-creator Justin Richmond recently told Polygon that it will not be "a straight-up narrative-based game."

"It’s very different from that, but it does connect very deeply to the world and characters of The Dragon Prince and there’ll be things in the game that hugely expand upon the lore of our world," he said. "So it’s not a companion piece. It’s not a licensed game. It’s a fully fledged piece of The Dragon Prince world that you will get to see through a different lens." 

Richmond, who co-founded Wonderstorm along with Aaron Ehasz and Justin Santistevan, brings some serious game-related chops to the operation: Prior to this, he was game director on Uncharted 3.

Andy Chalk

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