Dragon Nest in-game goodies giveaway [US only]


You put in your time with the family. You ate the cookies, you sat by the fire, you pretended that you could hear whatever grandma was mumbling just fine. But now it's you time . With skill-shot combat and an adorable anime-esque visual style, Nexon's action-MMO Dragon Nest is the perfect way to enjoy the rest of your holiday break. Battles aren't just passive skill rotations—you'll need to dodge attacks and string together combos if you want a chance at surviving. Yeah, cake-induced blood sugar spikes might set your reflexes back a bit, but you can give yourself an edge with a free digital bundle of Dragon Nest loot from Nexon itself.

To snag your new swag, just head to the counterpart post at GamesRadar and follow the instructions there. You'll have a leg-up over the competition when you net your 5-slot Adventurer's Bag, extra storage, HP and MP potions, and some resurrection scrolls—the perfect set of items to get your heroic journey started.



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