Dragon Age: Redemption trailer teases upcoming web series

Machinima have the trailer for the upcoming Dragon Age web TV series, Dragon Age: Redemption. Star of The Guild, Felicia Day plays the same elf rogue that she voices in the upcoming Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC. It's one of those teasers that varies violently between intriguing and naff. The huge, dark city of Kirkwall looks great, the spurts of CG blood, not so great. Co-ordinated cartwheeling, also not so great. Evil Qunari wizard costume, very not great. Perhaps the six part web series can surprise us when it kicks off on October 11.

The Mark of the Assassin DLC looks a lot more interesting, as it features huge scaly monsters, and involves pulling off a high fantasy heist to acquire a mysterious crystal from a fortress of Orlesian Chevaliers. That's also out next Tuesday. See the latest Mark of the Assassin screenshots for a glimpse of one of those massive monsters. It'll be interesting to see if the web series storyline will interweave with the events of Mark of the Assassin.

Tom Senior

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