Dragon Age Inquisition update details branching character classes

Bioware have revealed more about the branching class system in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The warrior, rogue, mage trio return, but each can be developed in three different ways, giving mages the chance to wield magical weapons, and rogues the option to lay traps.

Only one specialty for each class has been outlined so far. The Champion path for the warrior sees them "use their armor, weapon and awareness to shrug off incoming attacks while holding critical positions on the battlefield and protecting allies in the process." A tanky role, then.

The mage's Knight Enchanter path lets them deploy "protective magics" and wield "blades of arcane force". They're wizards who aren't afraid of frontline combat, or being made fun of for wearing audacious hats .

The roguish artificer branch lets them specialise in "intricate mechanisms", and by "intricate" they mean "marvels of engineering turned to deadly purpose." Find out more on the classes page of the Dragon Age: Inquisition site .

You can extrapolate from previous games to guess at the abilities the unrevealed alternative branches will contain. Mages will surely still be able to rain down bolts of magic, and what good is a rogue without a dangerous backstab?

Folk have already found clues to the name of the new class variants in some official image filenames. If accurate, the warrior can become a templar and a reaver, a mage can also become a necromancer and a rift mage, and the rogue can go assassin or tempest.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due out on October 7. You can find out more in our huge Dragon Age: Inquisition interview .

Thanks, OXM .