Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer will be supported "far beyond Mass Effect 3"

More news about Dragon Age: Inquisition's recently announced co-op multiplayer, and, once again, it comes in direct response to Mass Effect 3's similar mode. Previously, we learned that DA:I won't tie single-player progress to multiplayer performance—a source of relief to any anti-social player still having nightmares about their 'War Score'. Now, it seems, Bioware has plans to support this mode long past the point at which they abandoned space warfare.

While talking to Destructoid , a BioWare representative claimed they would "support [Dragon Age: Inquisition's] multiplayer far beyond Mass Effect 3," and went on to say "they have a lot of content planned for Dragon Age for months on end."

Support will include ME3-style chests, which will unlock new characters and items, and will be available through in-game currency or microtransactions. In addition, Bioware are planning the free release of updates and levels. All of which sounds extremely similar to Mass Effect 3, which was supported with new content for a decent amount of time. If Dragon Age: Inquisition can get new stuff for longer, it'll be a healthy boost for what sounds like a promising mode.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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