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Double Fine’s Stacking makes Steam debut at 33% off

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For those of you who invested in Tim Schafer's adventurous Kickstarter campaign (opens in new tab) , here's further proof that your money is in good hands. Seriously, what other developer would you absolutely trust with a game entirely based around Russian matryoshka dolls? Well, have a look for yourself, because Stacking, Double Fine's ultra-charming take on wooden folk dolls of increasing size, finally hit Steam today (opens in new tab) . Better still, it's launching at 33% off! Perhaps that's to compensate for appearing on PC almost a year to the day after Stacking's console debut... so what took so long?!

Well, the short answer is unfortunately this: while we have a lot of faith in pretty much whatever Tim Schafer wants to do, risk-averse publishers, who salivate over sequels with mainstream appeal, do not. Luckily, there are guys like Steven Dengler out there, a high-rollin' philanthropist, entrepreneur, and part-time game publisher. He's the man responsible for getting games like Psychonauts and Costume Quest ported over to PC before Tim of Legend turned to his crowdsourcing his projects. Logan got to chat with both men semi-recently about the uphill battle of getting games to you.