Double Dragon IV is a retro sequel releasing next week

There have been plenty of Double Dragon games over the years, including a Double Dragon V for the SNES, but there was never an officially titled Double Dragon IV—until now. Guilty Gear and BlazBlue developer Arc System Works, who created the original co-op action game and who now owns the rights to the series, has made a new, retro-styled entry, entitled—you guessed it—Double Dragon IV.

Out next Tuesday on PS4 and on Steam, this fourth (I suppose) in the series looks pretty similar to Double Dragon III, meaning NES-style sprites and backgrounds, chiptunes, and a guy doing a weird '90s voiceover voice in this informative-yet-naff trailer:

Of course, it wouldn't be Arc System Works without a ton of additional content, and that will come in the form of "lots of extra modes", including a VS mode and an endless Tower mode; you'll also be able to play as the enemy characters.

Tom Sykes

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