Dota 2 patch boosts bots, tweaks attack desire, defend desire, Roshan desire

There is no desire more potent than Roshan desire as Dota 2's bots learned this weekend with the arrival of a new patch designed to make them smarter. Their eagerness to take on the giant lizard monster deep in Dota 2's jungle will now be dependent on their proximity to said giant lizard monster. If you kill Roshan three times, he drops "cheese." It's best not to contemplate what exactly this "cheese" is, but I like to think that it's a vessel designed to trap Roshan's raging soul in the confines of a highly portable dairy product. A Roshan Babybel, essentially.

Understandably, bots have been reluctant to eat this "cheese," until this latest patch. This is a good change for them, though, as the Roshan Babybel delivers an unrivalled instantaneous boost to health and mana when consumed. Discover more about the tweaks to Dota 2's bots, and scan the latest bug fixes in the latest patch notes below.


- Fixed being able to miss Vendetta

- Fixed Meld sometimes not hitting if you moved quickly after attacking

- Fixed some FOW issues with Spirit Form Illuminate

- Fixed Soul Assumption gaining charges from Illusions

- Fixed some movement formation issues with Familiars

- Fixed Stone Form stun not going off if a Familiar died while casting it


- Fixed bots never using Cheese.

- Fixed bots never using TPs to get back to base.

- Bots will no longer figure out illusions based on the damage the potential illusion is doing.

- Lowered bot farm desire at low health.

- Lowered retreat desire just to pick up items.

- Added a mild distance factor to Roshan desire.

- Baseline push desire is now calculated using the opposing team's total offensive power rather than a constant value (so bots will want more power later in games).

- Bots now just want to equalize power when defending, rather than overwhelm.

- Capped maximum defend desire so that it doesn't trump their attack desire.

Tom Senior

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