Doom meets Devil May Cry in this acrobatic action mod

The False Angel
(Image credit: idSoftware, D3athStalker)

If you've ever played Doom and felt like your feet touch the ground too much, then prepare to leap and dash your way to hell and back in The False Angel, a spectacular mod for Doom II that's launching later this week.

The mod has you assume the role of Victoria Noire, a "once regular human" whose abilities have been enhanced with some celestial technology. Heavily inspired by Devil May Cry, the mod introduces a wide range of new, ridiculously powerful weapons to Doom. This include ranged weapons like high-powered assault rifles, sniper-rifles, and rapid-fire pistols. But the mod also adds melee weapons, like a pair of blades Victoria can use to slash up enemies and what appears to be some kind of chainsaw-spear for carving at-a-distance.

While Devil May Cry is the primary inspiration, The False Angel is also heavily influenced by Doom Eternal, featuring a highly kinetic move-set. Victoria can dash, double-jump, mantle over ledges, and move almost as fast as the bullets she fires. The only feature it's really missing is a bunch of grisly ways to finish off demons, although Victoria can morph into "Angel form" massively boosting her damage output.

You can check out the trailer for The False Angel here. The mod is due to launch later this week, specifically August 26. The mod's creator, who goes by D3athStalker, also states that the mod is "compatible with monster mods", meaning you can pack out Doom with extra foes to maximise the carnage.

While you wait for The False Angel, there are countless other ways to muck about with id Software's classic shooter. Recent mods for id's classic let you play as Max Payne, blast demons as the cat from stray, and turn Doom into an unofficial Aliens versus Predator sequel. For something more substantial, Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony is one of the most impressive Doom mods ever made, a thirty-level total conversion that's for all intents and purposes a new game.