Doom 64's port will include a brand new chapter

(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

Doom 64 began life way back in 1997, as a console exclusive to the Nintendo 64. Twenty-three years later, this often overlooked entry in the Doom series is finally being ported to PC, as well as to current-gen consoles.

Now it's been revealed that in addition to porting the original Doom 64, the team at Nightdive Studios have added a brand new chapter to the game, which they tease will add new lore that can be enjoyed by Doom veterans and newcomers alike.

In an interview with USgamer, senior developer James Haley describes the new chapter as being for "persistent players". Set after the conclusion of the main Doom 64 campaign, the new chapter will chart Doomguy's confrontation with the sister of the Mother Demon, the main antagonist. In true Wicked Witch of the West style, she's out to avenge what our hero did to her (presumably beloved) sibling, though her choice of punishment is an unusual one: banishing Doomguy from Hell, which is apparently exactly where he wants to be. The new chapter will follow Doomguy's attempts to break back into Hell in order to get his revenge and return to the demon-slaying life he loves.

The "bit of lore" Haley promises as a reward for completing the chapter is a vague tease, but it could mean the long-awaited canonical connection between the original games from the '90s and the 2016 reboot series. Or maybe we'll finally see the return of Daisy the bunny, Doomguy's beloved pet rabbit whose death kickstarted the plot of classic Doom.

Doom 64 is due out on March 20, to coincide with the release of Doom Eternal. It will be included as a pre-order bonus for that game, and will also be available as a separate $5/£4 purchase.