Do you like Factorio and Mindustry? Play free production game DeFacto

(Image credit: Antoine Zanuttini)

If you enjoy building conveyor belts and depleting natural resources, then you've been pretty well served lately with games like Factorio and Mindustry. But what if you're not, what if you have a few spare girders and pipes lying around, and nowhere to put them? Enter DeFacto, a free production game you can play in your browser.

I remain in mild awe of what people are building in Pico-8. Inspired by Factorio, and released a while ago, DeFacto is a still-impressive game where you mine resources in space, and then usher them towards vending machines to earn a steady stream of moolah.

That's how you get started anyway. Have a read of the page for further tips. There's a lot here, as in most production games, but placing things can be a little fiddly—it can be a little difficult getting structures to connect together.

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Tom Sykes

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