Divinity: Original Sin studio says it wouldn't "be correct" to crowdfund its next game

Divinity: Original Sin is a really good game , thanks in no small part to the 19,541 people who threw nearly a million bucks at it on Kickstarter . Yet in spite of that success, and the resulting establishment of Larian as a reliable place for your crowdfunding cash, studio boss Swen Vincke says it probably won't go back to Kickstarter for its next game.

"I hate to think what the game would've been if we didn't have Kickstarter," Vincke told Gamespot , which sounds to me very much like the lead-in to an announcement of a new Kickstarter. But then he changed direction.

"I don't think it would be correct to go and fish in the pool of crowdfunding investment again," he continued. "I think that there's others that could use that investment."

He did say that he hopes to take advantage of community input for future projects, much as it did throughout the development of Divinity: Original Sin, describing it as "a very great positive for the gameplay experience that results at the end of the day." But what those projects might be, he did not reveal.

"There's nothing yet to announce," he said. "It will be very calm on the announcement front for a couple of months, as we're preparing our new things," he said. Larian is currently working on updates to Divinity: Original Sin that will add two new companions to the game, new skills, end-game rebalancing for the warrior and ranger classes, and a "much better, harder difficulty level."

Andy Chalk

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