Disney signs deal for Marvel MOBA

Marvel characters

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In the world of comic books, henchmen beelining straight into a hero's gloved fists in a straight and orderly line usually results in a quick victory festooned with bam and thok sound effects. In MOBAs, it's a happy little train of gold and XP. As reported by MMO Culture (opens in new tab) (via GameSpy (opens in new tab) ), Disney Interactive Studios wants the Marvel Universe's next nemesis to be the almighty lane creep, as it formalized a contract today with Korean developer Smilegate for the creation of a MOBA featuring Marvel's country-sized cast of characters.

Joy, right? A catch: "Project PK" will release only in Asia in 2014, according to MMO Culture's post. Seeing as MOBAs are kind of a breathtaking worldwide phenomenon (opens in new tab) and how the appeal of punching/kicking/shooting/fireworks/energy blasting spandex-stretching evil people while wearing more colorful spandex is practically a universal truth right next to "the sun rises and sets everyday," a strong possibility exists for a worldwide launch after the original Asian release. It better, or I swear I'll keep repeating "Omega Red" out loud until things change around here.

Omri Petitte

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