Disco Elysium gets a supercharged photo mode, free for everyone

Disco Elysium is known for its "improbable depth," as we said in our glowing 92% review. "It's part Planescape: Torment, part police procedural, part psychodrama ... with dense, branching dialogue and the ability to intimidate, charm, or bullshit your way out of tricky situations via several novels' worth of brilliantly strange, vibrant dialogue."

It's also oddly beautiful, in a stark, bleak fashion, and if you've ever had the urge to take a break from your busted-psyche detective story so you could just do a little sightseeing, the new Collage Mode added to the game in today's free update is just what you've been waiting for.

Collage Mode is essentially a supercharged photo mode: It provides "full access to characters, environments and props from the game," which can be placed, rotated, and resized as you like. You can drop custom text on the screen to create your own official (looking) vigenttes, complete with the FELD dialog reel, and then cap it all off with a range of weather effects, filters, and frames. Even the time of day is adjustable.

Have a look at a few weird creations (which, for the record, were not created by me):

(Image credit: Zaum)

(Image credit: Zaum)

(Image credit: Zaum)

And that's not all: Developer ZAUM also teased "never-before-seen scenes from across Martinaise history" hidden in the update, which will include "a velvety new voiceover from the game’s narrator." That's good stuff in its own right: The narrator, as you may have heard, is pretty great.

Disco Elysium's Collage Mode update is live now and free for everyone.

Andy Chalk

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