Did you just get two free weeks of WAR?

Warhammer Online, the Warhammer fantasy MMO is transitioning to a new server host in Europe. GOA, who currently run the game servers, are handing over the reins to Bioware Mythic's owners EA. The game will be taken offline as the servers are moved across to the new host. But there's an upside. Anyone who currently, or who used to subscribe to the game in Europe will be getting a free two weeks play-time.

There's a full FAQ which details the mechanics of the transition , along with some details of what benefits EA will bring. One point - store-bought game time cards will no longer work. Are there any European players in our community? How's the game looking? I kind of fancy checking it out to see what's changed since launch.

To get your new playtime, you'll need to re-activate your sub on the official Warhammer site , and sign up to EA's new terms and conditions.