DICE's former 'Mr Battlefield' has a new studio working on a 'next-generation online shooter'

Lars Gustavsson stands in front of a large piece of artwork from Battlefield 1.
(Image credit: DICE / Lars Gustavsson)

Lars Gustavsson, the former creative director on DICE's Battlefield games and—much more importantly—the man they used to call "Mr Battlefield," has a new studio. Unveiled this morning, TTK Games is a new, Stockholm-based studio working on a "new, next-generation online shooter".

Might that new, next-generation shooter take some cues from Battlefield? Who can say! It's gonna be years until we see it in action, but we might be able to intuit something from the rest of the TTK founders. Joining Gustavsson as co-founders are:

  • Daniel Berlin, former lead world designer and design director on multiple Battlefield games.
  • Vidar Nygren, former Battlefield technical director and the guy who directed development on EA's Frostbite engine.
  • Peter Hoyles, former studio art director for DICE LA and artist on multiple games from, you guessed it, Battlefield.

So if I were going to read the tea leaves on this one, I'd think that maybe whatever TTK's first project is might turn out a little something like Battlefield. I could be wrong, of course, maybe the four co-founders are sick of the Battlefield formula and want to strike out at something new. 

TTK says it's secured "significant funding" for its projects, which sure sounds nice, and says it's maintained its "creative freedom" too. I hear Battlefield 2042 is really good now, but I think there are more than a few disaffected fans still lingering around out there waiting for a game that suits them. If TTK comes out the gate with a strong alternative, I suspect it could easily pick a lot of them up.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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