DICE announces Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month

Yes, Battlefield 4 might have launched at such a sorry state that it garnered several threats of class action lawsuits , but that doesn't mean DICE doesn't appreciate you. Why else would it announce the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month?

DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson announced the month-long event in a post to the game's official website . "We appreciate all of the great feedback you continue to provide about all aspects of Battlefield 4," he said. "We take this very seriously, and hearing directly from you has helped to make the experience better. We are further improving a number of items commonly referred to as 'netcode.' This will tighten the overall multiplayer experience, and we will be able to share these items with you in detail soon."

He also said that in February, DICE will re-introduce the Platoons feature, which lets you and your friends track your starts together as a group.

You'll also get a bunch of extra stuff (as opposed to basic functionality). You'll get a Bronze or Silver Battle Pack for every day you log into Battlefield 4, which contains XP Boosts and soldier camos. All players will get shortcut bundles, which will unlock all the grenades and handguns in the base game. Premium members will get to unlock DMR's and shotguns. DICE will also introduce Community Missions, which will ask players to collect a set number of dog tags in a specified time to unlock Gold Packs.

Finally, DICE will hold developer talks. "We will host a number of interviews with some of the core developers of Battlefield 4," Troedsson said. "In these interviews, you can ask them about their line of work, the effort they've put into Battlefield 4, or in the case of our core gameplay designer, what the balancing process of Battlefield 4 looks like. We will announce the dates and channels for these developer interviews as the Player Appreciation Month kicks off."

Earlier today , DICE also teased a future update to Battlefield 4, and asked the community for feedback on balancing it.