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Battlefield 4: DICE tease future update, invite player feedback

One day, DICE will emerge from their bunker, happy that Battlefield 4 is in an acceptable state. Today is not that day. In a post to their forum "control room" , DICE's Tommy Rydling announced a new all platform update that's planned to arrive either late-January or early-February. And that won't be the end of their effort to patch the game into a shipped shape. The developers are also inviting player feedback on a number of issues, including game balance and "multiplayer experience".

"We are aiming to get a new update live for all platforms at the end of January/beginning of February," writes Rydling, noting that the timing might change. "This update will include a number of stability improvements, tweaks, and fixes." Essentially then, it's more of what we've come to expect over the last few weeks and months.

In terms of feedback, DICE have created a blog post that allows players to vote on what they want to see changed. As long as what players want to see changed is covered by the included five polls, at least.

In the future, DICE will be taking feedback on players' experience with the multiplayer. "We are looking to improve a number of items to further enhance the overall multiplayer experience," writes Rydling. "We will share more details on this in February. In the meantime, thanks for your feedback on items that you have helped us identify."

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