Diablo or Bob Ross? Take Blizzard's quote quiz

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Update: Dan Hsu has helpfully posted answers to the quiz, so we can all tally up our scores!

Original story: Blizzard senior director and editor in chief Dan 'Shoe' Hsu has posted a fun internal Blizzard quiz on his Twitter feed. The quiz presents a series of quotes and simply asks: Bob Ross or Diablo?

According to Hsu, "(One of the teams in our department at Blizzard created this for a holiday party activity.) #blizzlife"

Some are obvious. I don't think Bob Ross has ever had cause to gesture at one of his half-finished works to say "These dark corridors are painted with the dried blood of Leoric's subjects". The tree quotes are more ambiguous though. I can imagine Bob Ross muttering "Trees cover up a multitude of sins" under his breath in a sinister break from his normal affable demeanor.

Hsu hasn't posted the answers to the quiz yet, but let's post it here for for our amusement anyway.

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