Diablo designer David Brevik joins the Path of Exile team

Diablo 2 project and design lead David Brevik tweeted last week that he was becoming an "adviser" on an action-RPG that "pushes this genre to new heights." The internet immediately freaked out over the possibility of Brevik coming back to Diablo, especially since Blizzard has been teasing a Diablo announcement of some sort for the upcoming BlizzCon. However it is not Diablo that he's working on, as Brevik quickly clarified, but the free-to-play indie hit Path of Exile. 

The press release announcing his participation is in Chinese, and so the Google translation is an absolute train wreck of language and syntax, but the gist of it is that Brevik has signed up to help Grinding Gear Games bring the game to China. Studio boss Chris Wilson confirmed the situation with PC Invasion, saying, "David is an advisor, primarily for our launch in mainland China, but we hope to learn from his experience as much as we can over the coming months.”   

So now we know. It's not quite as exciting as a return to Blizzard for Diablo 4, but it could still mean cool things ahead for an ARPG that's already very good—and it doesn't close the door on the potential for big Diablo news next month, either. 

Speaking of which, BlizzCon 2016 runs over the weekend of November 4-5. Virtual tickets are available at blizzon.com.

Andy Chalk

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