Diablo 4's new seasonal event drops so much legendary loot it feels like an exploit, but Blizzard says it's intentional

Diablo 4 screen with tons of glowing loot on the ground
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Diablo 4's new season dumps so many rare items on you that I'm pretty sure it would've been deemed a game-breaking exploit around the game's release.

Season 2's Blood Harvests are a revamp of Diablo 4's Helltides, which are essentially limited time events that take over a portion of the map. Like Helltides, Blood Harvests are stuffed with demons that drop unique currency you can spend on chests and other objects to find loot.

At the center of these green-tinged zones is a skull icon on your map that lets you know how long it has left. It's also the exact location of three "Blood Lure Pedestals" that you can activate with Blood Lures dropped from enemies there. Each pedestal requires 50, but any player in the zone can activate them.

PC Gamer's Sean Martin and I have both found success activating a pedestal and waiting for other players to show up and do the same. Once all three are activated, a group of bosses spawn who drop buckets of loot. And after comparing screenshots, it looks like each boss will always drop at least two Legendary items.

In Season 1, it was exceptionally rare to see multiple Legendaries drop below level 50. Now, it's practically raining Legendaries to the point that it almost feels wrong, but Blizzard president Mike Ybarra says it's totally intentional.

Diablo 4 season 2 Blood Harvest legendary loot"

"In case you missed it, loot drops have changed in Season 2 for Diablo (based on feedback)," he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "It's no longer gated (i.e. level 60 to 100 is the same drops) and changes every monster level. Every level you make, higher [item level] gear drops all the way to 100."

"Basically every level you gain, new and better loot is available. No more hitting level 60 and getting the 'same' stuff all the way to 100, for example," he wrote in a reply.

It's true, and I can't believe how generous the loot drops are now. Last season people were frustrated about gems taking up too much of their inventory space, and now we've got our hands full with Legendaries. The Season of Blood is the Season of Bounty and I hope nobody at Blizzard ever turns the loot hose off.

Diablo 4 season 2 is live right now and will continue until January 23.

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