Diablo 3 errors plague launch, are you struggling to connect?

Diablo 3 Tyreal RAAAAAGE

Diablo 3 players have been battling error 37, error 75 and even the odd rare Error 3005 for the past day. It's been a shaky launch. It currently has a Metacritic user score of 3.5 , with hundreds of negative reviews and 0 scores making reference to disconnection errors. A 17 page forum topic called " Epic Fail Blizzard " is raging on Battle.net and others have commented on our ongoing Diablo 3 review to voice frustration at Diablo 3's always-online requirement.

"This is a really great game. But I can NOT excuse the fact that 6 hours after launch I still can't log in due to the servers being too busy. When I pay $80 for a game I expect to at least be able to get past the log in screen," says ahirumaiwaifu on Metacritic.

"First two hours couldn't even log in, then couldn't create a character for another 30 minutes," says Xenite on our ongoing Diablo 3 review. "So... how long until Torchlight 2?" asks Yanahma.

You can keep up with Tom's ongoing experiences with Diablo 3 in our ongoing Diablo 3 review . He's already encountered some connection problems that deleted a chunk of dungeon progress, though his character and items remained intact. Which errors have you seen? Are you struggling to get in? What do you think of Diablo 3's always online requirement?

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