Diablo 3 Error 37 no cause for concern, say Blizzard in launch day preparation guide

Diablo 3 release

Error 37 eh? We're already troubleshooting Diablo 3 and it's not even out yet. Blizzard have released a launch day preparation guide that covers everything from early installs, to the exact time of release in your region, to the mysterious Error 37 message that might rear it's ugly head come May 15th . It's an error message you might get when logging in early on. The solution? Just try again.

Global play will kick in once Diablo 3 is released in all regions. There's also the chance of a 40 second delay when logging in on release night. Still, after four years of waiting, 40 seconds isn't that big a deal.

And lets not dwell on hypothetical hiccups: Diablo 3 is within sniffing distance. And man, it smells good. One week to go! YEAH!