Diablo 3 digital edition restrictions relaxed

Opting for the digital edition of Diablo 3 will no longer place a temporary cap on your progress through the game, Blizzard has announced. Players buying the game on Battle.net post patch 1.0.3 were finding their characters locked at level 13 and limited to Act I until their credit cards were verified, a process taking up to 72 hours. With 1.0.3a, this has been fixed - but there are plenty of restrictions still in place for new buyers.

Unverified digital copies of Diablo 3 will still have restricted access to the auction house, trade, chat, public games, and they won't be able to change their server region. As Blizzard explained last week, these measures are supposed to combat credit card fraud by making freshly-purchased accounts less useful as spambots, and therefore less attractive to unscrupulous types. The full explanation is available on the Battle.net forums , if you're interested.

There's no doubt, though, that it's an inconvenience. On one hand, gold selling and associated underhandedness has to be combated somehow - but on the other hand, isn't that exactly what the real money auction house was supposed to do ?

Chris Thursten

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