Diablo 3 beta footage shows 20 minutes of barbarism, looting and levelling

[VAMS id="31l2cOkg3sCra"]

Here's 20 minutes of whacking we've taken straight from the latest build of the Diablo 3 beta. See a barbarian carve a path through the opening dungeons, picking up oodles of gold and powerful weaponry as she goes. Blizzard have been talking a lot about changes they're making to the classic formula, but it's still Diablo alright, albeit bigger and considerably prettier. It looks a lot better in motion than screenshots tend to suggest, and monsters have a satisfying tendency to fly absolutely miles when you thwack them. The fights aren't especially tough at the very start, which is why they tend to fall over at the slightest touch. Still, it provides a lengthy insight into how Diablo 3 is shaping up. It's due out spring this year.

Tom Senior

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