Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s PC port suffers technical issues, backlash over pre-order bonuses

In circumstances that are beginning to feel all too common, a sizeable number of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s PC players have run into issues following yesterday’s launch

Technical problems such as frame rate drops, mid-high tier systems struggling to perform on lowered settings, and disabled mouse acceleration options are but a few of the complications some players have cited on Steam and Reddit. Furthermore, confusion regarding misleading information on the game's pre-order/Day One Edition DLC has also upset a chunk of the game’s player base

Speaking first to the latter, the pre-orderable Covert Agent Pack, as it was first known, grants players access to specific weapons, outfits, and upgrades. These items, located in your in-game storage space, are transferable to your inventory—however before now there was no indication that this is a one-time transaction.

Square Enix has since renamed the pack the Augmented Covert Agent Consumables Pack, which ostensibly means if you redeemed the consumables via your first save they’re gone for good. Expectedly, this has upset many players who opted in without this prior knowledge, prompting Eidos Montreal’s community manager to step in with this explanation

“Consumables (Praxis Kits, Ammo, Credits, Crafting Parts) are one-time use items. They will be in the storage section of your inventory, until you decide to add them to it. Once you do, they will be ‘consumed’ in your current playthrough, and not re-usable. Consumables work the way they do due to first party constraints.

“Durables (Weapons, Skins, Augmentations) are not one-time use. They will automatically be available in all of your playthroughs, once you have downloaded and installed them.”

On the performance front, Steam reviews at the time of writing are “Mixed” (1,693 positive, to 932 negative) however Square Enix has since posted a list of issues it’s aware of, and a further list of possible interim fixes until it gets a grip of the situation. Rather frustratingly, these include obvious pointers like lowering graphics settings and playing the game in windowed mode—making the need for a proper patch all the more important.