Deus Ex: Human Revolution dev talks PC specific features: Eyefinity, DirectX11, 3DHD

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A while back we learned that Eidos Montreal had formed a partnership with software conversion specialists, Nixxes to develop the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now, with the release date just around the corner, head of the company, Jurjen Katsman has being talking to Gamespy about the extra features they've added, explaining why the PC version of Human Revolution is the one everyone should play.

“First off, Nixxes developed a DX11 renderer that is used on the PC, when available,” he said. “We did leverage this by adding several features you will see when you have DX11 hardware on your PC: real-time tessellation, improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, improved blurs and depth of field. We also added custom support for AMD's Eyefinity (multiple monitors), and 3DHD. On another note, the user interface has been tailored for the keyboard, and mouse controls can be fully customized for your gaming habits.

“We are obviously a little biased, but for us here at Nixxes, the PC version really is the version you should play. The extra depth you get from 3D or EyeFinity, and the extra crispness of the enhanced resolution, effects, and frame-rate, really give you superior visuals. And the speed and accuracy that you get from playing with mouse and keyboard compared with a gamepad, at least for me personally, makes it a pretty easy choice.”

Director of technology at Eidos Montreal, Julian Bouvrais, explains why Eidos chose to draft in extra help for the PC version.

"Obviously, while console versions of the game were part of the picture, PC was also a big focus. It was simply out of the question to do a straight port of the console version to PC, while being able to keep the essence of the adventure we experienced seven years before."

"There was really no way our team could tackle all three platforms at the same time. Making a Deus Ex game is an incredible challenge in the first place and we wanted to be sure we wouldn't put the game at risk," he added.

"Looking back at what the game looks like on PC, I am really proud of what we have accomplished. Let's be realistic in that obviously this is the same story on all three platforms -- the same characters, the same core gameplay features, etc. However, when I play the game on console or on PC, my approach is different... the experience is different.

"I am convinced this is one of the best decisions we made to ensure the quality of the game.”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out on August 23 in the US and August 26 in Europe. You can read our eight page review in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK . We gave it a score of 94 and an editor's choice award.

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