Destiny x Fortnite crossover datamined

Destiny 2 character Cayde-6 shrugging
(Image credit: Bungie)

Exploding out of the Destiny 2 datamining scene this weekend is an utterly unexpected crossover: Destiny 2 and Fortnite. Destiny 2 dataminer Ginsor has posted a screenshot to Twitter of what pretty credibly looks like Fortnite-inspired armor sets for Destiny 2. The skins look to be extremely Destiny-fied versions of Black Knight, Catalyst, and Omega skins.

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The leak comes alongside a renewed rumor that Destiny 2 may well come to the Epic Store. If so, that would give a real reason for why the crossover is happening. The idea that Destiny 2 would come to the Epic Store originated in a leak last year.

Fortnite would be the second huge crossover in a year for the previously crossover-averse Destiny series. The previous was with Halo, a series that Bungie started. No matter how much copium some Destiny commenters say it'll take the community to process, this would definitely be a new thing for Destiny 2. Whether it's a regular occurrence remains to be seen—but so far crossovers have only happened for major events, and they've been pretty tasteful. For my money, this one's pretty tastefully done too.

Thematically that made sense, and Destiny fans ate it up. Fortnite might be a bit more controversial, and if leak reactions on Destiny 2's subreddit are any indication it'll be pretty polarizing. Some players seem thrilled by the idea of the skins—which do look pretty cool—and hope for more, like Fortnite's default dance emote. "God, if I can default dance on my friends' ghosts as I'm rezzing them I don't think I'd ever equip another dance," said one reddit commenter.

To be fair, the default dance wouldn't be the strangest Destiny emote by far.

Destiny is perhaps the most famous series in gaming right now for leaks and datamines, at least from my end of the industry, and some of the time it's Bungie's own employees doing the leaks—like with that recent Poison subclass thing. Which is honestly pretty good, right? Seems like Bungie's people aren't terrified of their employer.

Destiny 2 is currently rocking its way into Season 18, which kicks off this week on August 23rd. It features big reworks to the Arc powerset which are no-joke inspired by that one Jason Statham movie. There'll also be a new raid, which is actually an old raid reworked from the first Destiny.

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