Destiny 2's 'snake-faced bastard' will finally start selling Forsaken Exotics next week

Still haven't got the One-Eyed Mask to drop? Your luck might finally be in. A small but significant change coming to Destiny 2 in next week's Season of the Drifter will see Xur, the weekend vendor better known to the community as "that snake-faced bastard", begin selling Exotic items from the Forsaken expansion. 

Xur, Agent of the Nine

"My will is not my own." 

The change is notable because Exotics became substantially harder to acquire in the Forsaken era, and with the loot pool diluted by Y1 items, the community felt frustrated at not being able to get the newest stuff to drop. It also ensures that Xur will have some utility again, having been largely useless throughout Forsaken because he only sold the old gear, which many players had already collected.  

Note that the change doesn't guarantee that Forsaken Exotics will be available—Xur offers one Exotic item per class, per week, and this change will simply add the Forsaken items to the pool for random selection—but it opens the door to a wider range of items, and let's be honest here, that's what Destiny should be all about. 

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Fated Engrams, which can also be purchased from Xur, will continue to drop Exotic weapons or armor that the player doesn't already own, but because they're not being changed to drop Forsaken Exotics, they will continue to be of interest primarily to new players and those hoping to get a good random perk roll on an armor piece.

On an unrelated note, I think it's kind of sad that Bungie's own community manager calls Xur "snake-faced." Sure, he's a creepy looking dude, but that's not his fault, and he might not be the most straight-talking guy in the universe but he always seems supportive and committed to helping out. Why so mean, dmg04? He's doing his best.

Andy Chalk

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