Destiny 2 trial version goes live tomorrow

Bungie has announced that it will launch a free trial version of Destiny 2 tomorrow that will give gamers who are still on the fence a taste of the single-player campaign mode in two of the game's locales, the European Dead Zone on Earth and the remains of a floating human habitat on the Saturnian moon of Titan. 

Along with the related campaign missions and opportunity to explore "two full worlds," trial players will be able to join clans and take part in competitive multiplayer combat in the Crucible via the Quickplay list. Player progress will be restricted to level 7, but characters will carry over to the full game if and when it's purchased.   

Speaking of which, Destiny 2 remains on sale right now on—although you can still pick up the standard edition for a few bucks cheaper at Green Man Gaming. Details are up at

Andy Chalk

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