Destiny 2 PC DLC, patches and updates will arrive 'day and date' with console

Bungie will give everyone a week to get "raid ready" before releasing the raid. Once that's out, the plan is for the PC and console versions of Destiny 2 to run absolutely in sync.

Speaking to PC Gamer at a preview event last week Bungie's PC lead David Shaw said "with the raid you don't want the raid to be open on day one because it's like 'how fast can I get there'. Instead we'll delay a week so people have a chance to, I'm going to use the word 'casually' get ready for the raid, but they'll have the same amount of time, everybody's on the same page. 

"Trials will come out the following week. Beyond that, once we get through that window of intentional staggering of content, when DLC 1 comes out, when DLC 2 comes out, all of those will be day and date with PC."

As we get crash reports we'll be differentiating by platform and saying 'okay what does PC need?'

David Shaw, Bungie

Note that David made these comments before Bungie announced it will delay the weekly competitive PvP Trials of the Nine rotation for a few weeks to fix some bugs, so Trials may in fact turn up slightly later in November. The main thing is that PC and console will have parity for future game updates and expansions. "Patches too" confirmed Vicarious Visions engineering lead Thomas Gawrys.

"It's funny, people are like 'is that real?'" Shaw added. "It's honestly easier for us to ship them all together than it is to try and separate anything out. For us our intent is 100 percent to keep all our platforms equal."

If anything drastically unexpected happens on PC, the versions could diverge a little, though the intention is to keep the builds as similar as possible.

"We absolutely are going to monitor the game once it comes out," said Shaw. "And we won't be just listening to the 'what is Destiny saying?', we'll be specifically listening to what PC players are saying. Are they having different challenges? As we get crash reports we'll be differentiating by platform and saying 'okay what does PC need?' So if we find things that are problematic we certainly will be eager to address them."

Tom Senior

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