Destiny 2 Iron Banner: Scour the Rust quest guide

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If you're not an FPS god, Destiny 2's Iron Banner quests can be a tough feat. The newest quest, Scour the Rust, still takes a good amount of grinding, but it feels less brutal than quests in the past. There's no secret trick or exploit for scoring more kills, but we can share some general tips to make the grind more efficient.

Scour the Rust: tips for every quest step


  • Defeat 30 opponents
  • Capture 10 zones
  • Get 3 Super final blows

This is a breezy first step that doesn't require any specific weapon choice, so you can cut loose with whatever you find comfortable. Though, since future quest steps are cumulative, you can get a head start by focusing on final blows with pulse rifles and fusion rifles. Just keep an eye on your super and look for opportunities to score multiple kills with a single use.

Reward: Claws of the Wolf pulse rifle & Iron Banner gauntlets


  • Complete 6 matches
  • Capture 20 zones
  • Get 25 pulse rifle final blows

Intent is mostly an extension of the Spectacle quest step, but with the caveat of picking up a pulse rifle. If thought ahead and used while grinding the last step, you're probably pretty close to the kill cap already. If so, swap to your fusion rifle and focus your kills there.

Reward: Wizened Rebuke fusion rifle & Iron Banner boots


  • Get 20 fusion rifle final blows
  • Capture 30 zones
  • Defeat 100 opponents

The grind is definitely winding up at this point. If you already started working on fusion rifle kills, it shouldn't take too long to reach 20. The same goes for capturing an additional 10 zones, but the real grind here is 100 kills. You'll get there eventually, but the time sink will really just depend on your PvP skill. Good luck!

Reward: The Hero's Burden SMG & Iron Banner helmet


  • Get 15 SMG final blows
  • Get 15 Super final blows
  • Capture 40 zones

After Timing, Execution feels lower-key: ten more zones and a few matches worth of Super final blows (if you're being efficient). The only sticking point here are the SMG final blows, which may take a few matches if you haven't been using one so far.

Reward: Iron Banner chest armor


  • Capture 50 zones
  • Complete 15 matches
  • Get 10 Super final blows (BUGGED)

This last step is relatively easy, just keep capturing those zones and playing matches. As for the Super final blows, this requirement will auto complete for all players, thanks to a bug. The requirement was actually completed by getting SMG kills, but to avoid confusion, Bungie decided to let everyone have it for free. Score!

Reward: Iron Banner class item


  • Return to Lord Saladin

Once you're all done, head back to Saladin and cash in your progress!

Reward: Enhanced armor mods galore!

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