Destiny 2 fashionistas will finally be rewarded for their sense of style earlier than planned

Destiny 2 Season of Definance armor
(Image credit: Bungie)

The primary reason I play Destiny 2 now is to find new threads for my handsome Guardian—I will stop endless existential threats just so I can look marginally cooler the next time I have to save humanity. And with the upcoming midseason patch, fashionistas are finally going to get kudos for dressing well. 

As detailed in This Week at Bungie—where the team also announced a major crackdown on third-party peripheral cheaters—fashion commendations are coming soon. Introduced in Lightfall, commendations are a way for players to reward their fellow Guardians for being good teammates, which also ties into the Guardian Rank system. It encourages playing well together and lets other players know you're a good egg. And soon, it'll be possible to award players with commendations for their drip. 

Bungie expected players to want this style of commendation when it was developing the system, but ran out of time before it could be implemented.

"Back when we were first developing Commendations, we had a sneaky suspicion that a fashion-focused Commendation would be highly desired," the Player Identity team says. "As we continued into long-form playtesting, the need became even more obvious—but by then we were past the point of adding anything new to Season 20 and could only tweak and tune what we already had."

It was going to be included in Season 21, but apparently, player feedback encouraged the team to speed up the timeframe to the midseason patch. The Best Dressed commendation isn't going to come with a big score, says Bungie, but "fashion is never about getting the highest score, just the most accolades". 

There will also be restrictions on what activities will let you dole out this new commendation. Specifically, "matchmade activities that don't rely on significant communication or teamplay". So the stuff you might tackle with your clan, like raids and dungeons, won't let you award your pals with the commendation. 

The update is expected next week, so make sure you're looking your best!

Fraser Brown
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