Destiny 2 Deep Dive secrets and how it works

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The Destiny 2 Deep Dive activity is filled with secrets. Similar to Avalon last season, and Seraph Station the season before, it looks like we'll be spending a lot of time here puzzling out these hidden triumphs over the coming weeks. There are three sections to the Deep Dive activity: Twilight, Midnight, and Abyss, and two of them are currently playable.

If you haven't had a chance yet, the new Destiny 2 fishing activity is pretty lucrative in terms of rewards, plus there's a curated legendary hand cannon called Epochal Integration that you can get if you've completed Lightfall. Here are all of the Deep Dive secrets I've found so far, plus important info about how to activate Pressure Trials and get Deep Dive Keys for better rewards. I'll be sure to update this guide with new secrets as they appear.

Aquarium Vivarium

During the Deep Dive activity there are plants you can find and collect to place in your aquarium back in the HELM. There are two plants to grab as part of initial Twilight section. These are:

  • Twilight Plant: After the initial underwater facility section where you open the door, you'll drop off a walkway into the underwater caves. Instead of going left and dropping down again, go straight ahead, then left, then go right and crouch to get through a small gap and find the plant. You'll know you're in the right place because of the hive statue down to your right. 
  • Twilight Flora: At the end of the underwater cave section when you've finished dropping down, you'll come to a big room with lots of underwater plants, plus a door and a switch. Before opening this, find the molecular-looking coral object on the right side of the room, and the collectible flora just next to it.

After the Twilight section of the Deep Dive, you'll arrive at the first encounter. You'll need to successfully complete this to open a door and gain access to the Midnight section where there are two more plants to grab:

  • Midnight Plant: After you drop down into the underwater facility, you'll come to a second drop with a moving fan at the bottom. Find an open hatch on the right side of the platform above the fan and drop down through this instead to find a series of corridors with some barnacles on the wall that you can harvest.
  • Midnight Flora: Once you've turned off the fan and dropped down through it into the cave area with the aquatic plants, drop down again, and look behind the stone pillar for a glowing red shrub-like plant that you can harvest.

After you complete the Midnight encounter successfully, you can move onto the last section of Abyss Depth. There are two final plants to grab here:

  • Abyss Plant: After you finish the Midnight encounter and enter the water in the Abyss section, you'll drop down a shaft into a room with a locked door. The plant is in here, just off in the corner near the lever you have to exit the room.
  • Abyss Flora: Once you pull that first lever, head through the door, drop down, walk in between the giant rib cage, and drop down again. You can find the Abyss Flora marked by its glow, straight ahead and to the right on a little raised rocky shelf.

How to activate Pressure Trials

The whole fireteam needs to interact with Toland to activate a Pressure Trial (Image credit: Bungie)

Though not a secret as such, you may have noticed the activity description and its triumphs mention Pressure Trials that you can activate to gain extra rewards, but it's not especially clear how to do that. To activate a Pressure Trial you need to find Toland—a glowing spirit of Taken essence—in the first encounter and activate him to "invoke the darkness."

Unless you're soloing Deep Dive this can be a little tricky to do, since all fireteam members have to invoke the darkness for the Pressure Trial to activate. Toland isn't too hard to find, though, and is usually tucked away in a corner or under a platform and appears as soon as you start the encounter. 

Once the trial is active, you have to destroy floating blights or stand on glowing pressure blights, and you'll receive the message "Darkness invoked" and get a little bit of dialogue from Xivu Arath when done. Now, you just need to complete the regular encounter as fast as you can to trigger the Pressure Trial. It's worth noting that if you fail a Pressure Trial, you fail the entire encounter, and so don't gain access to the Midnight section of the Deep Dive. If you are successful, though, it increases your rewards by two tiers instead of just one.

In the subsequent Midnight and Abyss encounters of the Deep Dive, you activate the Pressure Trial in exactly the same way; find Toland, invoke the darkness, destroy the blights, complete the regular encounter. If you do every Pressure Trial and beat the final boss, you'll unlock the Dive Station seasonal bonus for that heavy ammo crate.

How to get Deep Dive Keys

Similar to the Defiant Keys from last season, Deep Dive Keys provide extra rewards at the end of a Deep Dive, though they shouldn't be confused with Salvage Keys which are specific to that activity instead. Here are the different ways you can get them: 

  • Seasonal vendor reputation reward
  • Season pass
  • Playlist activities
  • Completing Salvage or Deep Dive
  • Depositing fish in the aquarium

Once all Deep Dive bosses are available to defeat, you'll also be able to unlock the Deep Sea Locksmith seasonal bonus, which gives you a chance at getting a Deep Dive Key whenever you use a Salvage Key.

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