Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris trailer teases new weapons and armor

The big news out of Bungie came yesterday, with the arrival of both a major blog post and a podcast that took a hard look at the current state of the game, and promised major improvements in the future—beginning on December 5 with the release of the Curse of Osiris expansion. But there's still a little bit left for today, in the form of a DLC trailer previewing some of the new weapons and armor coming to the game—some of which may be familiar to fans of the original. 

Bungie warned that people who want to avoid spoilers should also avoid the video, and I'll repeat that: Not because of what you'll hear, but because of what you'll see. OK? OK. 

As Twitterer daniel p pointed out, the hand cannon seen in the background image of the update looks a lot like Red Death, an exotic pulse rifle from the original Destiny. There's also what may be new raid armor on display beginning at around the 25-second mark of the trailer—and since the armor is Hive-themed, it could point toward a Hive-themed raid as well. (That bit of speculation comes from our in-house Destiny expert Tim. Personally, I just see three weirdos doing the Saturday Night Fever.) 

Bungie has spoken at length about how it aims to do to mollify Destiny 2 players who are unhappy with the state of the game; to find out how they ended up that way in the first place, don't miss our analysis of why Destiny 2 players got so angry, and the six biggest problems with the game right now. We've also got a closer look at the coming Curse of Osiris expansion right here

Andy Chalk

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