All the new exotic gear in Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion

With Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of Osiris, we don't just get some new, probably dumb, excuses to shoot stuff in space. We get new gear to do it in, the most sought after of which are exotics, the rarest loot in the game. Mercury is tucking away plenty of new guns and armor, and for the first time we're getting exotic-tier ghosts. (You can get sparrows and ships too, but those don't affect your stats at all, so check out our complete gallery of new Eververse items to ogle those.)

So for those that don't want to live by the ruthless whims of RNG, here's all the exotics you can get in Curse of Osiris. Just don't expect to get them very quickly. Consider this window-shopping. 

Also, consider this a spoiler warning. 


Khepri's Horn is a titan helm that rewards solar damage kills by recharging your barricade, which will do some AoE solar damage when summoned.  

The Helm of Saint-14 is another titan face dress that gives your Ward of Dawn the ability to blind enemies that enter it. And when you block with your Sentinel Shield nearby enemies will go blind for a bit. The power of fashion.  

Graviton Forfeit turns you into a World of Warcraft villain but also increases the duration of all of your hunter's invisibility skills. Melee skills also recharge faster while invisible. Become a purple ninja with no face.  

The Stag is a warlock helm that automatically makes you the most popular kid at school, but it also grants rift energy when you're critically wounded, which will be never, because you're the coolest, most popular kid at school. But when you die, which can't happen to such complete and total badass, it also creates a short healing rift on your corpse. 

Aeon Safe titan gauntlets gives big buffs to nearby 'Aeon Cult' allies, whatever that means, including grenade energy to warlocks, barricade energy to titans, and dodge to hunters. Other lame-Os get a small share of the same buffs. 

Aeon Soul warlock gauntlets buff Aeon Cultists in the same way Aeon Safe titan gauntlets do. Man, this cult stuff doesn't sound so bad after all. 

Aeon Swift hunter gauntlets mirror the Aeon Safe and Aeon Soul abilities. OK, that's it, I'm calling up that guy always trying to tell me about brain slugs. I'm in. 

Ophidian Aspect warlock gauntlets turns up the speed on weapon ready and reload times while extending your melee range. No cults necessary. 

Shinobu's Vow hunter gauntlets improves the Skip Grenade ability, while granting you another Skip Grenade charge. 

Gemini Jester hunter boots improves the dodge ability, disorienting nearby enemies and disabling their radars for a few seconds. Take them to a work party. 

Mk. 44 Stand Asides might be the best name for pants in any videogame, but they also give titans an overshield while sprinting at full health with Seismic Strike, Hammer Stike, or Shield Bash equipped. With these cool call-to-action leggings, these abilities also recharge your melee ability a bit with every hit. 

The Vesper of Radius warlock chest piece makes Rifts release an arc shockwave when they're cast, placing a loud, bright emphasis on the great work you're doing, buddy. You're encouraged to show off too, because hanging around teammates makes Rift abilities recharge faster. 


Crimson is a hand cannon that fires a 3-round burst and heals the wielder for every kill. This could be bad (good) news on the PC.  

Promethus Lens is Coldheart's hot cousin, a solar trace beam that generates a big hot field of fire that grows the longer you continuously fire it. Kills with it also refill the magazine a bit, so keep that fire button down.  

Telesto is a fusion rifle that fires projectiles that detonate on a short timer. It sounds hard to use, which is why getting skilled with it yield a fine reward: multikills refill Kinetic and Energy weapons instantly. 

The Colony is gross. It's a grenade launcher that spits out spider robots that run after targets and explode when they get close. And while it's not equipped, it refills the magazine automatically. The little spiders, pushing ammo around. Ew.  

The Jade Rabbit is a scout rifle that agrees with me: Headshots are overrated. Chaining body shots with this beau will power up your next precision shot and return ammo the mag.  


 The Cosmos Shell ghost increases all XP gains by 10%.  

The Electronica Shell is for you if public events are your jam because it increases loot gains from them on all destinations.  

The Fire Victorious Shell is a studious fella that generates gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills at an increased rate.  

The Star Map Shell will make sure caches don't stand a chance against its 50-meter detection field. Increased glimmer gains make this little Nolan North dress extra special.  

Sagira's Shell is great for Mercury-based treasure hunting. It detects caches and resources within 75 meters.  

The Fast Lane Shell is a speed demon, making sparrows summon faster, and takes the time to reload your weapons while you zoom around.  

James Davenport

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