Descend into Overload's custom levels

If you enjoyed Descent spiritual successor Overload but its 15 levels weren’t enough, good news: a level editor is now available, allowing you to create and export single-player and challenge mode levels. The editor will be automatically added to the game soon, but in the meantime you can download it here

The promise of level editing tools was a big part of the successful (just) Kickstarter, so it’s encouraging to see them arrive not too long after the game’s launch at the end of May. If you’re one of the unfortunately small number of people who play Overload’s multiplayer, however, you’ll need a wait for custom multiplayer maps. Support for them is planned, but right now it’s all about the single-player stuff. 

“if you're itching to develop MP levels we recommend exporting a potential MP level as SP or CM for testing so it's ready for export when it does get added,” said the developer on Steam

Documentation is provided, but you might also want to watch the launch stream below. It details how to use the editor.

Cheers, RPS.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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