Deathloop director appointed head of Arkane Lyon

(Image credit: Arkane)

Deathloop director Dinga Bakaba is the new head of Arkane Lyon. As spotted by VGC, it looks like Bakaba took up the role in October following the departure of Romuald Capron, who had been with the developer for nearly 17 years. 

Capron said it was "a very hard decision to make," but that he was "feeling the need to try something new and also have a bit more time for me and my family." As well as stepping up as head of the company, Bakaba will continue his role as co-creative director alongside art director Sebastien Mitton.

Bakaba joined Arkane Lyon in 2010, starting as a systems designer and associate producer on Dishonored before becoming the lead designer and producer for Dishonored 2. He then took up the helm as game director and co-creative director for Deathloop, which was a hit with Phil—just check out his Deathloop review

"It's liberating to revel in destruction, and Colt clearly isn't the only one who feels this way," the review reads. "Throughout you'll find Eternalists enjoying the lack of consequences, vandalising the island and performing idiotic stunts over the course of the day. If death doesn't matter, why not shoot yourself out of a cannon?" 

Considering Deathloop was also the first Arkane game that really managed to click with me, I think Arkane Lyon is in mighty safe hands with Bakaba at the helm. 

Mollie Taylor
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