Deadfall Adventures trailer reveals an Indiana Jones-inspired FPS romp from Painkiller devs

"You call *this* archaeology?" Sean Connery might quip if he witnessed the gun-toting chaos of the Deadfall Adventures trailer. At which point hero James Lee Quartermain would kick a flaming barrel into him and fill him full of lead from dual-wielded pistols while growling in a voice so manly it falls below audible human frequencies.

It may have a score almost identical to Uncharted's, desert sojourns and haunted Mayan temples, but the Indiana Jones DNA has been assuredly overwritten by the first person shooter - which is less surprising when you recall developer The Farm 51's last game was Painkiller: Hell & Damnation . It looks like their latest effort will be released on 30 July this very year. Check out the trailer, screenshots and concept art after the jump.

[VAMS id="TWT55q3e82N76"]