Dead Space 3 exploit provides infinite items and resources

Circumventing the contentious inclusion of microtransactions in the day-old Dead Space 3, savvy players uncovered an exploit for farming up infinite crafting resources and health/stasis packs.

Encountered near the end of chapter 8, the exploit involves repeatedly entering and exiting a room which continually spawns the various frames, tools, tips, and attachments needed for piecing together deadlier weaponry. Both health and stasis packs also appear during the magic trick and can get traded in for yet more resources.

Such a bold circumvention of paying actual cash for an immediate resource boost probably means a quick patch by EA in the coming days, though this kind of oversight seems more like taking advantage of built-in mechanics versus an actual glitch. The trailer below (via GameFront ) describes the steps you'll need to follow to arrive at the almighty item-laden room, at least until it's patched.

Omri Petitte

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