Dead Cells lands on GOG's Games in Development initiative

Motion Twin's hard-as-nails sidescrolling roguelike Dead Cells arrived on Steam's Early Access programme back in May, and has now breached the bounds of GOG's Games in Development initiative.  

Set within a sprawling, ever-changing castle packed with ghouls, ghosts, monsters and mutants, Dead Cells has no checkpoints and boasts the mantra: "Kill, die, learn, repeat." With this in mind, it's been compared to the likes of Castlevania, old school Prince of Persia and, of course, Dark Souls (much to Austin's despair).

Dead Cells arrives on GOG with the launch of the game's The Brutal Update (which is incidentally a GOG exclusive for the next 24 hours), which adds a new boss, new levels, new enemies, and a new tier system among other things.  

Here's some of that brutality in practice:

If we're done with the 'Souls-like' descriptor right enough, a GOG press release describes Dead Cells as "the illegitimate child of a modern Roguelite and an old-school Metroidvania" which I quite like. 

GOG also points out that Dead Cells is subject to a 25 percent discount for the next seven days, which means those interested can get it now for £10.48/$13.81 (full price £13.99/$18.42).