DayZ patch 1.5.8 adds sickness, temperature, "might cause havoc"

DayZ Gun

A major update for zombie apocalypse Arma II mod DayZ has launched, adding temperature and sickness systems and an array of under-the-hood updates and fixtures.

It's now possible to become ill, which will cause your blood to slowly deplete until you take antibiotics - which are purposefully scarce. It's not like bleeding in that you can't die of it, but expect players to murder each other for precious medicine. As the developers put it in the patch notes: "it is the genesis of an idea, so please remember this might cause havoc."

Sick players can infect others and tend to cough loudly, so if you needed another reason to avoid strangers, there it is.

Getting sick will also cause your temperature to drop, so building fires is important - but they now require wood to stay alight. Temperature effects are currently limited, but the camera will shake if you're too cold.

It's no longer possible to refill your water canteen from the sea, which should draw players towards inland lakes and reservoirs and away from the coast.

Disconnection saving will mean that you don't have to wait for a save before quitting, which should reduce the amount of time we spend sitting in bushes waiting to leave the game. What it won't do, however, is reduce the amount of time we spend sitting in bushes too terrified to move.

Context-sensitive interactions have been added to inventory items, which should make drinking, eating and reloading weapons more intuitive. Check out out the full patch notes below, and download the update from the official site (or its mirrors.)

  • [NEW] Server cleanup system replaced with a more agressive one
  • [NEW] Inventory Interaction system (right-click on items in gear screen to bring up interactions)
  • [NEW] Temperature System now implemented (effects are limited)
  • [NEW] Chance of catching an infection the lower your temperature
  • [NEW] Chance of catching an infection from already infected players
  • [NEW] Water can be filled in ponds, all water pumps, wells, but not the sea
  • [NEW] Forced disconnection saving for abort and alt+F4
  • [NEW] Zombies will investigate player deaths
  • [NEW] Adrenaline rush from panicing causes greately increased hunger for a while
  • [NEW] Bandaging Sound when bandaging yourself/someone
  • [NEW] Coughing sound when you have an infection
  • [NEW] Camera Shake when temperature drops extremely low
  • [NEW] PROTIP: Use Global Chat/VOIP in populated areas
  • [NEW] Fire requires wood to keep burning
  • [NEW] Various Loot spawn balancing changes
  • [FIXED] Should not be pellets for the Winny
  • [FIXED] Whinny is way to powerful and quiet (mmmm your tears will be delicious)
  • [FIXED] Helicopter loot despawning too fast
  • [FIXED] Too many zombies for the Carebears to be able to play
  • [FIXED] Fog is way too thick
  • [FIXED] Climbing a ladder with a pistol will cause you to fall
  • [FIXED] Zombies not attracted to Flares and Chemlights
  • [FIXED] Panic noises going apeshit all the time
  • [FIXED] Zombie spotted alert far too quiet (increased slightly)

We've put together a DayZ install guide to help you get started with this fantastic mod. You can also check out our first, deadly adventures in Chernarus and interview with creator Dean Hall .

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